Zorin Linux Alternative to Windows & Mac Os

Well hello, have you ever heard about this Os? The Zorin Os was born and develop in Ireland by the company known as Zorin OS Technologies Limited in 2008. Their aim is to bring the most advanced technology into the hands of everyone. The Os might not be considered are the best, but the graphical interface and usability are good enough for your daily usage. You might be surprised by installing this Os because they have similarities with windows or Mac.

It is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution designed, with a Windows-like interface and many programs similar to those found in Microsoft’s proprietary Os, it aims to make it easy for Windows users to get the most out of Linux.

Alright, why may I say it is good?

  1. It’s free and downloadable (open source)
  2. it can be installed with you old desktop/laptop
  3. No risk of getting viruses
  4. it’s lightweight Os
  5. An easy to use and familiar desktop
  6. Stable as it is based on a robust Linux operating system
  7. The most I like is the flexibility of the Os, it will give you full control.

They have developed in several version, and you might see below:

Zorin Os 15.2 Ultimate
Paid Version: They explained, why we need to pay ist to Support their project, and also to make the Linux desktop more accessible and widespread, for the benefit of all.
Zorin Os 15.2 Core
Is a free version you may download here

Zorin Os 15.2 Education
Mainly for education purposes.
you may download here
Zorin Os 15.2 Lite
Is for your old desktop/laptop
you may download here

Compare Zorin OS editions

LibreOffice suite
compatible with Microsoft Office
Advanced desktop
based on Gnome
Lightweight desktop
based on XFCE
Zorin Connect
your phone and computer, connected
Standard desktop layouts
in Zorin Appearance
Premium desktop layouts
macOS, Gnome, and Ubuntu
Educational apps & gamesYESYES
The best business & media appsYES
Over 20 gamesYES
Zorin Installation SupportYES

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